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About Us

I remember years ago when my grandmother was visiting us from her home in Michigan. While she was here she had an unplanned visit to the local hospital. While I visited her I noticed that the facility had placed one of my bed alarm devices on her hospital bed to help prevent her from falling unnecessarily.

Of course we joked a little about the situation but it is experiences like that which help to “bring home” the fact that our patient safety devices are there to help “real people.” These aren’t just products in a box going to unknown patients. Our devices are likely being used on someone’s grandparent or loved one with the intention of keeping them a little safer than they would otherwise be without them.?

I have been in the medical device industry since 1996 and it is my intention to ensure that everyone at Lange Medical remember that our products must always be manufactured and sold with the highest level of integrity. Thank you for considering our company.


David Lange, President Lange Medical, LLC